Tactical strategies from industry experts on how to scale your firm.

RIAs Impacted by Schwabitrade 🤝 Altruist

Watch Jason Wenk, Altruist’s CEO, Michelle Shotts, Altruist’s VP of Customer Success Support, and Christine Miller, Altruist’s Regional Director, as they host an open, honest conversation dedicated to answering questions from advisors staring down the impending Schwabitrade transition.

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Maximizing the Power of Unified Managed Accounts

Learn how to elevate your portfolio through the use of Unified Managed Accounts on Altruist. Hosted by Dasarte Yarnway, Head of Community at Altruist, join Adam Grealish, Head of Investments at Altruist, and Alex Chalekian, CEO of Lake Avenue Financial, as they share tactical strategies on how to leverage UMAs so that you can create fully customizable portfolios, save time, cut costs, and serve your clients better.

Office Hours with Jason, December 2022

Join us for a conversation with Jason Wenk on our most up-to-date features, integrations, and products. We will also share what we have upcoming and how it can help you better serve your clients. There is an exclusive Q&A with Jason so be sure to bring your questions or drop them into the form below.

Managing Portfolios at Business Cycle Inflection Points

Watch Fidelity’s Director of Model Portfolio Business Development, Kevin Cousineau, Fidelity's Vice President of Asset Allocation Research, CFA and Research Analyst, Jacob Weinstein, and Altruist’s Head of Investments, Adam Grealish as they unpack how you can best manage client portfolios at business cycle inflection points. They also share tactical strategies on how this affects your practice so that you can deliver risk-adjusted returns.

Implementing estate planning to deliver client outcomes

How do you manage client expectations while delivering peace of mind? Join Altruist’s Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer, Pete Dorsey, Trust & Will’s Head of Advisor Solutions, Andres Mazabel, and CEO of Deane Wealth Management, Samuel Deane, on how leveraging estate planning can help you future-proof your client's livelihood.

Investing with your Head, Heart, and Hands

How do you address the tension between building a portfolio that connects to client values, and also sticks through market cycles without sacrificing returns? Watch Dasarte Yarnway, Altruist’s Head of Community, Dr. Wes Gray, Alpha Architect CEO/CIO, and Dr. Joy Lere, Co-Founder of Shaping Wealth, as they discuss how to navigate the emotions that come with financial decision-making, leveraging sustainable investing for long-term success, and aligning investments with client values through the “head, heart, and hands” approach.

Office Hours with Jason Wenk

Listen to a conversation with Jason Wenk on our most up-to-date features, integrations, and products. He also shares what’s to come on the Altruist platform and how it can help you better serve your clients.

Direct Indexing on Altruist

At Altruist, we’re always looking for ways to help advisors deliver value to their clients. That’s why we’ve launched the Strategist series, a tax-aware and low-cost way to invest your clients’ money. Join Jason Wenk, Altruist founder & CEO, and Adam Grealish, Head of Investments as they discuss the vision of direct indexing at Altruist, the future of the Strategist series, and how you can use this approach with your client portfolios today.

Debunking Conventional Risk Management

Join Altruist Head of Investments Adam Grealish and Redwood Portfolio Manager Richard Duff as they discuss how to integrate risk management into your portfolio and leverage bespoke investment strategies to best serve your clients in any market climate.