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portfolio management portfolio management


Leverage a suite of powerful tools that can accommodate your preferred investment style.


Build, assign, and modify portfolios for individuals or entire sections of your book with fewer clicks.


Generate additional value with built-in tools designed to maximize long-term portfolio growth.

Commission-free fractional shares²

Service client accounts of any size at a significantly lower cost with commission-free fractional share trading.

Off-the-shelf and custom models

Outsource research and implementation¹ with any combination of 300+ portfolios from world-class institutional managers at an industry re-defining price point.

Automated rebalancing

Manage risk and target asset allocation with custom cash management and tax-efficient rebalance settings.

Accessible Direct Indexing

Design a bespoke portfolio for clients with concentrated positions, sensitive tax situations, or unique preferences.


Automate tax loss harvesting, tax-sensitive rebalancing, and more with a single click.

"If I could tell advisors that are nervous to transition one thing: with Altruist, it’s not what you are used to. It’s a whole new world."

Tyler Purcell
Kiplinger Wealth Advisors

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