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The first $10m is a grind.

Tech is expensive and marketing budgets are tight.


Your custodian should make it easier.

Unfortunately, early stage firms are woefully underserved by legacy options.


For the first 100 accounts at Altruist. Additional brokerage fees may apply, see details on our Legal page.


Our SLA for live chat support. With real people (not robots).


Reduction in new client onboarding time compared to legacy custodians. Learn more.

Features built for early stage firms

account types

Digital Account Management

Open, fund, and transfer accounts quickly, without paperwork or statements.

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Automated Fee Billing

Simplify invoicing with flexible, automated schedules or one-offs.

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portfolio vs benchmark comparison

Integrated Reporting

Visualize data like time-weighted returns and net deposits over time.

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chat support message

Live Chat Support

Get questions answered fast with great support from real people.

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commission-free fractional shares

Fractional Shares¹

Offer clients $0 commissions on US equities, ETFs, and Warrants.

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model allocation

Portfolio Management Tools

Deploy strategies built with both custom portfolios and marketplace models.

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rebalancer methodol

Automated Rebalancing

Define cash management goals and rebalance based on events or drift.

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Launch and scale your firm with a custodian that is built for growth-minded RIAs.
Say goodbye to roadblocks like custodian-imposed minimums, excessive admin fees, and expensive add-on tech.
all-in-one financial advisor platform
Treat clients to the digital experience they’ve come to expect by putting their finances at their fingertips.
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Stop wasting time on hold with customer support. Enjoy great chat-based service, regardless of current AUM.
live chat support
Support client accounts of all sizes with commission-free fractional share trading, flexible billing, and the freedom to set your own minimums.
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Get built-in portfolio accounting, performance reporting, fee billing, and a modern client portal at no additional cost.

Keep in mind, other brokerage service fees may apply on your client's assets. Please see our fee schedule on our Legal page to learn more.

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