Lower fees for you and your clients.

With our Model Marketplace and automated rebalancer you can outsource portfolio research and implementation – with many options starting from 12-15 basis points.

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TAMP Man smiling with mustache with Model overlay TAMP Man smiling with mustache with Model overlay

The benefits of all-in-one platforms are clear.

Time savings, back office automation, increased scalability…


But they can be costly.

And those costs are impacting your clients or your revenue (or both).


of advisors stated that the benefits of outsourcing investment management have met or exceeded their expectations.¹


plan to increase the percentage of outsourced assets in the next three years.²


basis points depending on the complexity of the program, services provided and expenses of the underlying investment vehicles.³

Features built for TAMP users

Model marketplace

Model Marketplace

Choose from over 100 models and strategies at an industry-low fee.

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rebalancer methodol

Automated Rebalancing

Define cash management goals and rebalance based on events or drift.

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Ring Chart for UMA

Unified Managed Accounts

Assemble your ideal combination of marketplace and custom models.

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chat support message

Live Chat Support

Get questions answered fast with great support from real people.

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commission-free fractional shares

Fractional Shares⁴

Offer clients $0 commissions on US equities, ETFs, and Warrants.

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fee billing assignments

Practice Management Tools

Manage fee billing, reporting, and trading within one intuitive platform.

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account types

Digital Account Management

Open, fund, and transfer accounts quickly, without paperwork or statements.

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selection of integrations

Seamless Integrations

Connect with planning, reporting, risk management, and CRM software.

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Don’t let your TAMP
dictate your bottom line

Automate portfolio implementation, account management, billing, and reporting for a fraction of the cost.
Source strategies from a rapidly growing Model Marketplace and let our automated rebalancer handle the implementation.
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Build your ideal client portfolio inside Unified Managed Accounts — mix and match the strategies of your favorite model providers with your own custom models.
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Offer strategies that were historically only available to HNW clients — Use Direct Indexing in accounts with as little as $2,000.
Stop overpaying for antiquated practice management tools. Billing, performance reporting, and digital onboarding in one intuitive platform.
all-in-one financial advisor platform

"I’m making more, my clients are spending less. It’s fast to use, it’s easier to use."

Derek Notman CFP®
Independent in 2005

This testimonial was given by a current client. Neither Altruist nor its affiliates paid for this testimonial, but we do earn revenue from financial advisors who use our software, from assets invested through our broker-dealer (Altruist Financial LLC) and assets invested in models made available by our registered investment adviser (Altruist LLC). As of the date of this testimonial, the promoting advisor received compensation or other benefits from Altruist through the promoting advisor’s participation in one or more of Altruist’s various programs, which created a conflict of interest on the promoting advisor’s part and may have influenced the view(s) expressed by the promoting advisor. For more details on program compensation and benefits and related conflicts of interest, please visit altruist.com/RIA-testimonial. Views expressed may not represent others’ experience, results may vary.

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