Real-life strategies for the modern financial advisor who’s ready to scale.

Using Digital EQ to Scale Your Practice with Sheri Fitts

In this episode, Sheri Fitts breaks down the importance of digital EQ and explains how advisors can use it to take their firms to the next level.

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Strategies to Maximize After-Tax Returns with Altruist’s Adam Grealish

In this episode, Altruist’s Head of Investments, Adam Grealish, joins Jason and Dasarte for a conversation about the significant–often overlooked–value of tax management. Adam unpacks strategies with the potential to improve some clients’ after-tax, after-fee returns to the tune of 1-2% per year.

Recap: Mastering Investment Principles, Overcoming Challenges, and Radical Honesty

Dasarte highlights three important takeaways for all advisors and explains how you can apply the idea of radical honesty to your firm.

Mastering Investment Principles, Overcoming Challenges, and Radical Honesty for Exponential Growth with Ben Beck

In this episode, Ben Beck, the co-founder of Beck Bode, explores the strategies that have fueled his firm’s impressive growth. He highlights the transformative role of radical honesty in cultivating trust and enduring client relationships, which has been pivotal in driving exponential growth.

Recap: Operational Tactics for Optimal Success

In this episode, Dasarte offers a detailed recap of his insightful conversation with Charesse Spiller, the founder of Level Best.

Operational Tactics for Optimal Success with Charesse‬‭ Spiller‬

In this episode, we're joined by Charesse Spiller, founder of Level Best, to explore the transformative‬ power of operational excellence.

TAJ Live:‬‭ Mastering the Art of Client Relationships‬ ‭

On this live episode of The Advisor Journey, host Dasarte Yarnway is joined by guests Wes White of‬ ‭ Patriot Wealth, Alex Newman of Grape Wealth Management, and Jason Ray of Zenith Wealth for a‬ ‭ dynamic conversation on the unexpected, powerful ways to reach new levels of client trust.‬

Inside Altruist's Fee Schedule Saga

Altruist CFO Marc Greenberg joins Jason and Dasarte to provide an insider's perspective on the events that took place internally following backlash from Altruist advisors over a poorly communicated fee schedule update. The conversation gives a behind-the-scenes look at Altruist operations and highlights the value of listening to customers.

How Altruist Cash solves the cash management dilemma for advisors and clients with Jason Wenk and Dasarte Yarnway

Jason and Dasarte break down the newest product from the modern custodian: Altruist Cash. Now,‬ advisors no longer have to decide between pushing clients to third-party solutions for higher yield on‬ cash, or settling for the low-yield offerings for cash provided by their legacy custodian

The unexpected benefits of getting off the growth hamster wheel with Jeremy Walter

In an environment that glorifies exponential growth stories, Jeremy chose to press pause in one area of his life to focus more intentionally on others. The episode is a must-listen for anyone trying to understand and recognize what it means to have enough.

Recap: Building a firm that energizes you

Dasarte breaks down this week’s episode with Greg Lessard of Aspen Wealth Management.

Building a firm that energizes you with Greg Lessard

Aspen Leaf Wealth Management founder Greg Lessard breaks down his journey in building a client base that aligns with his ESG values.

Recap: Beyond $100M with Jason and Dasarte

Dasarte recaps his discussion with Jason on what to do beyond $100M.

Beyond $100M: unexpected challenges (and solutions) to building a bigger firm with Jason and Dasarte

Jason Wenk and Dasarte Yarnway discuss scaling a firm beyond $100 million, focusing on client service, team expansion, and compliance

Recap: Storytelling Secrets to Unleash Exponential Growth with Steve Sanduski

Dasarte recaps a powerful episode with Financial Advisor Coach, Steve Sanduski.

Storytelling Secrets to Unleash Exponential Growth with Steve Sanduski

Financial Advisor Coach Steve Sanduski shares powerful learnings from his experiences helping grow a corporate RIA from $0 to $1.8 billion and coaching countless advisors in building authentic practices.

Recap: The Three Big Predictions for 2024

Dasarte recaps insightful reflections, highlights, and learnings from top episodes of 2023. In last week’s episode, Jason and Dasarte offer advisors a bold forecast for new trends in the year to come and dive into the success that comes from a "think big, operate small" mentality.

The Three Big Predictions for 2024

Join Jason and Dasarte for insightful reflections, highlights, and learnings from top episodes of 2023. They offer advisors a bold forecast for new trends in the year to come and dive into the success that comes from a "think big, operate small" mentality. For lovers of sports metaphors, this episode will not disappoint.

Recap: Navigating the Future with AI in Finance with Jason and Dasarte

Dasarte recaps a powerful conversation with him and Jason on the ethical considerations surrounding AI in finance and how financial advisors can balance technology and the human touch.

Navigating the AI Future for RIAs and More with Jason and Dasarte

The hosts share practical insights on how advisors can integrate AI seamlessly into their practices, unlocking new avenues for growth and client satisfaction.

Making Financial Advice Better, More Affordable, and Accessible to Everyone with Jason Wenk

This keynote from Altruist’s Advisor Summit promises a behind-the-scenes look at the product roadmap and strategies set to unfold in 2024 and beyond.

Dasarte’s Table: How to avoid a harmful thing that advisors are (unknowingly) doing to their clients

Host Dasarte Yarnway recaps our episode, gets candid on his “why” for being a financial advisor, and what a financial advisor can do to find their "why" and better serve their clients.

How to avoid a harmful thing that advisors are (unknowingly) doing to their clients.

In this episode, Saundra Davis of Sage Financial Planning and Emlen Miles Mattingly of GenNex Wealth join us to share the one mistake that you should avoid when dealing with clients.

Dasarte’s Table: the keys to 99% client retention and high volume referrals RECAP

Dasarte recaps our conversation with Brandon Gratez of Gratez Wealth. In this episode, Dasarte breaks down the top three takeaways and what RIAs can do to maintain a 99% client retention rate.

Growing through Acquisition: the keys to 99% client retention and high volume referrals

Brandon Graetz joins Jason and Dasarte to discuss how providing top-notch service to acquired clients has helped him build a firm that now grows entirely through referrals.

Dasarte’s Table: Mastering boring before sexy with Jason and Dasarte RECAP

Dasarte celebrates Altruist’s fifth birthday and offers a recap of our episode, “Mastering boring before sexy with Jason and Dasarte.” In this quick recap. Dasarte gives three takeaways from the episode he is using to take his firm to the next level.

Mastering the boring before the sexy with Jason and Dasarte

Dasarte and Jason share an in-depth conversation about the importance of balancing business metrics with happiness and how advisors should focus on mastering the boring before experiencing the sexy. Jason also reflects on key learnings as he celebrates five years of business for Altruist.

Introducing Dasarte’s Table: How DJ Windle brings in $4.8M per month RECAP

This week, we are recapping our conversation with DJ Windle and unpacking how he brings in $4.8M in new AUM monthly.

How DJ Windle brings in $4.8M in new AUM every month

In this episode, DJ Windle shares with us how his focus on the client has led to lasting success for his firm.

The unexpected tool that led to millions in AUM with Isaac Presley

In this episode, Isaac chats with Jason and Dasarte to discuss the power of webinars and how you can incorporate them into your marketing funnel today.

The simple approach that led to 28 years as a financial advisor with Chad Castle

Chad Castle of Winnow Wealth examines how to appeal to an incredible niche and what you can do to ensure lasting success with your clients.

How an 100-day work year led to millions in AUM with Matthew Jarvis

In this episode, Matthew offers the keys to building a successful practice, community, and life.

How to approach client meetings with Jason and Dasarte

In this episode, Jason and Dasarte share their secrets to approaching client meetings. From the first meeting to sustaining relationships, they both detail how they have been able to take their firms to the next level by mastering their connections to clients.

Content creation, AI, AdvisorTech, and more with Michael Kitces

Michael shares best practices for today and useful insights for the future of the advisory space. Whether you’re a seasoned financial advisor striving to stay ahead of the curve or an emerging advisor looking to make your mark, this is a discussion you don’t want to miss.

The simple framework that led to more freedom and growth with Justin Castelli

In this episode, Justin talks extensively about his journey back to solopreneurship, how he currently works with clients, and the one decision that brought it all together.

The three steps that led to over thirty years as a financial advisor with Kurt Halverstadt

In this episode, Kurt gives three simple steps that can help advisors keep their clients for generations.

Uncomplicating the Secure 2.0 Act and better efficiencies to financial planning with Daniel Gregoire

In this episode, Daniel Gregoire talks in depth about Secure 2.0, how it impacts advisors, and how to create greater efficiencies as financial planning becomes more complex.

How optimizing YouTube led to $220M in AUM with James Conole

In the episode, James Conole of Root Financial talks to us about how he built his YouTube channel, how it has sky-rocketed his growth, and how you can do the same!

Nine things advisors knew before starting their RIA with Jason Wenk and Dasarte Yarnway

A few months ago, we asked advisors what they wish they knew before starting their RIA. In this episode, Jason and Dasate discuss some of the answers, and each shares what they knew before starting their journey.

How Twitter led to an additional $18k per month in just 14 months with Thomas Kopelman

In this episode, Thomas Kopelman shares how he built a community of over 13k followers on Twitter and how that has led to an additional $18k per month in AUM. He shares how to create content, how to schedule it, and how to make it work for you!

The art and science of content marketing - Five strategies from Altruist's Head of Content

On this show, we talk a lot about content marketing and how it can benefit advisors. Did you know there is an even simpler way to think about content to grow your RIA? In this episode, Altruist’s Head of Content Will Steiner explains the art and science behind content marketing and the five pillars that can help you scale your firm. You will learn how to create art and employ science to attract your ideal client and add AUM to your firm!

The ‘How-Tos’ of marketing funnels for expansive RIA growth with Emlen Miles-Mattingly

Building a marketing funnel is not easy. There are so many ways to build content as an advisor and tracking it back to your business can be a real challenge. Emlen of GenNext Wealth and Onxy Advisor Network has successfully built a growth-focused firm. He has credited much of his success to his ability to gain clients from marketing initiatives. In this episode, Emlen will explain just how to build a funnel that can result in incredible growth for your firm, the things to look out for, and how you can get started today.

How Jason Wenk quadrupled AUM for his RIA businesses

In 2020, Micheal Kitces conducted a study that showed that advisors who have staff support generate significantly more revenue and income, especially amongst the top advisors. This study showed that one of the keys to growing and scaling your firm was to not only find help but find good help. In this episode, Dasarte and Jason converse in-depth about what it takes to hire effectively and grow while doing it. It is a mentor-to-mentee conversation that you do not want to miss!

How breaking away quickly led to $65M in AUM with Becky Walsh

In this episode, Becky shares with advisors how to decide to break away, the tech you need to get started, and how to prepare your colleagues for the transition.

Onyx: Changing the Complexion of Wealth with Emlen Miles-Mattingly

In this special episode, Emlen Miles-Mattingly and Dasarte Yarnway share the importance of establishing wealth within minority communities by highlighting The Onyx Advisor Network, a platform they founded for underrepresented advisors. Their work is centered around changing the complexion of wealth and in this episode, they provide helpful insight on how to do just that. In this episode, you will hear: what the Onyx Advisor Network is, the importance of "changing the complexion of wealth", and what you can do to get involved today.

Maximizing the power of UMAs with Altruist's Adam Grealish

Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) are a powerful tool for advisors. UMAs offer fiercely independent advisors more personalized and customizable models to help elevate their business. In this episode, Altruist's Head of Investments will share strategies on how to leverage Unified Managed Accounts so that you can create fully customizable portfolios, save time, cut costs, and better serve your clients.

How building a brand led to over 50 years of business with David Hicks

David Hicks is a Partner and Investment Advisor at Oakmont Advisory. Oakmont has been serving the retirement community in New Mexico for over fifty years, David credits a large part of their success to developing a recognizable and authentic brand. In this episode, David shares the keys to developing a brand and how this can set you apart as an RIA.

How millennials added to over $100M in AUM with Tyler Purcell

Kiplinger Wealth Advisors, founded in 1999 by Brad Kiplinger, eclipsed $100m in AUM in 2021. The firm has steadily added $10-12m per year for the past 4 years and lead flow is showing no sign of slowing down. While the firm does serve a wide array of clients, Tyler Purcell has a focus on a less traditional niche; millennials. In this episode, Tyler Purcell joins us to share the importance of never underestimating a millennial niche and how you can attract a younger clientele.

2022 Year End: The State of the Industry with Jason Wenk

The end of the year is a common time to think about life, resolutions, commitments, and deliverables. It is also the time for advisors to think about the industry as a whole and what can be done to improve the following year. In this episode, Jason chats with Yohance Harrison to discuss the industry's current state, disruptive trends, and the three most significant pain points advisors should look out for in 2023. This end-of-the-year episode is one that you don't want to miss!

How one client led to over 300 households and AUM with Yohance Harrison

Yohance Harrison, CEO of Money Script Wealth Management, has built a successful firm with over 300 households. Over 2/3 of his current book of business can be traced back to just one person. In this episode, Yohance will teach us the fundamentals of building a referable practice and how to create an automated system that will keep clients engaged and eager to refer their associates to you.

How building community led to $17M in AUM in 6 months with Alex Newman

Alex Newman, of Grape Wealth Management, has grown his firm to over $17M in AUM in just five months. This growth is largely due to a community event he hosts in Temecula, California for retirees. Alex developed this monthly event to address a need within his niche, resulting in expedient growth for his firm. In this episode, he will walk us through how to create events for your niche and the technology required to make it scalable.

How mergers can lead to rapid growth for your firm with David Bigelow

David Bigelow of Coldstream Wealth Management did not go the traditional route of becoming a financial advisor. He started at a small local firm and worked his way up the ranks. While working there, the firm was acquired and the transition proved to be a little difficult for him and other advisors. David successfully navigated the transition, retained clients, and grew his AUM. In this episode, David will talk about the complexities of mergers and acquisitions and what an advisor can do during the transition.

How a marketing plan can lead to exponential growth for your RIA with Melissa Joy

Melissa Joy, President of Pearl Planning, has grown her firm from $50M to $120M in four years. She credits her success to courageous authenticity and also the development of a stellar marketing plan. In this episode, Melissa shares what she believes should be included in a marketing plan, tips on remaining authentic, and how you can execute your ideas at little to no cost.

How holistic financial planning led to over $70M in AUM with Scott Frank

Scott Frank, Founder of Stone Steps Financial, has built a successful firm by taking a more holistic approach to planning. His approach is centered on letting go of his own biases and finding a way to connect with clients effectively. In addition to building a firm with over $70M in AUM, he has created a podcast with over 40,000 downloads per month across all podcast platforms. In this episode, Scott teaches us his unique financial planning formula and how it helps you grow when starting from scratch.

The advantages and disadvantages of conferences for financial advisors with Jason and Dasarte

In this episode, Jason and Dasarte thoroughly review their experience at the FutureProof and Excell conferences. The two share the importance of attending events and the steps you can take to ensure that you leave with tactical steps you can take for the growth and sustainability of your firm.

SEO and specialization for the modern RIA with Jason Wenk

In this episode, inspired by our Twitter community, Jason and Dasarte sit down and address some of the major concerns that advisors face: SEO and specialization. Jason shares his theories around best SEO practices and the importance of specialization for your firm. Dasarte offers advice on how to answer the one question that all advisors are bound to hear. Tune in now for this special episode!

How creating an educational course led to over $85M in AUM with Wes White

How did Wes White of Patriot Wealth co-build an $85MM firm without asking for anyone’s business? In this episode, Wes breaks down his success model, shares the specifics of how he identifies the right prospects for his firm (and the wrong ones), and uncovers the education-led outreach strategy that led to the rapid growth of his firm.

How mergers and acquisitions can help you grow your firm with Alex Chalekian

We’ve all heard there is no one way to skin a cat. Mergers and acquisitions are a non-traditional, quick, and effective way to grow your RIA. In this episode, Alex Chalekian of Lake Avenue Financial discusses how mergers and acquisitions have helped him scale his firm, along with the easy steps a financial advisor can take to get started right now!

The five-step framework to inbound marketing for RIA growth with Samuel Deane

Since the inception of Deane Wealth Management, Samuel Deane has intentionally chosen to serve those who work in pre-IPO startup companies. Identifying and engaging this niche audience has not only led him to become a household name in the finance industry but has also resulted in the rapid growth of his firm. In this episode, Samuel provides a framework that will help you master inbound marketing and become a stand-out RIA.

How institutional clients can lead to meteoric growth for your RIA with Jason Ray

Last week we spoke with Chelsea Ransom-Cooper on how her firm used automation to scale to $50M in AUM in less than two years. This week we have her partner, Jason Ray, on the show to share the next key part of their business model: institutional clients. Working with institutional clients has led to rapid growth for their RIA. In this episode, Jason offers some tactical advice that can help you secure non-traditional clients and grow your firm.

How upgrading your tech stack can lead to massive growth for your RIA with Chelsea Ransom-Cooper

Chelsea Ransom-Cooper and her partner, Jason Ray of Zenith Wealth, have built a firm with over $50M in AUM in just over a year. A large part of their success comes from creating an efficient onboarding process for not only themselves but also their clients. In this episode, Chelsea walks us through how to automate your process while still building long-lasting client relationships.

Jason Wenk on how market volatility impacts your RIA

To celebrate our mid-season drop, we’re featuring a special conversation between hosts Dasarte Yarnway and Jason Wenk. In this episode, Dasarte interviews Jason and gets his thought on market volatility and how a down market impacts not only financial advisors but their clients.

The journey from wirehouse to independent advisor with Mike Policar

Transitioning from a wirehouse to an independent advisor can be challenging. In this episode, Mike Policar of NGP Financial Planning talks with hosts Jason and Dasarte about how to successfully make the transition. He outlines the mistakes, so you can avoid them.

Data points for better RIA efficiency with Nick Davis

Data collection and automation is the key to building an efficient RIA. Nick Davis of Brindle & Bay Wealth Management has successfully scaled his practice to millions of dollars in AUM through data collection and client experience. In this episode, Nick shares the specific data points that you should collect from your clients and how to create a client experience that's not only efficient but unforgettable.

How infrastructure leads to growth for your RIA with Jared Machen

How does business infrastructure contribute to the success of your RIA? Jared Machen went from $14 million to more than $67 million in AUM in two and half years, and he’s a leading financial advisor in Texas. How did he do it? Jared joined forces with another advisor and created a repeatable, efficient infrastructure. Tune in to learn how building the right infrastructure for your firm can lead to exponential growth.

How to use a marketing wheel to tap into exponential growth with Taylor Schulte

So what exactly is a marketing wheel and why is it critical for scaling your RIA practice? Taylor Schulte, listed as a Top 100 Financial Advisor by Investopedia, sits down with Jason and Dasarte to explain how defining your wheel is key to rapid growth. Taylor also shares insights into search engine optimization (SEO) and how advisors can take quick steps to acquire more clients.

Introducing The Advisor Journey, the podcast for growth-minded RIAs

In the debut episode of The Advisor Journey, Altruist founder and CEO Jason Wenk and Head of Community Dasarte Yarnway start to tackle one of the trickiest issues for emerging financial advisors: How do you get ahead when it feels like the deck is stacked against you? Jason shares his industry insights, real-life experiences, and key strategies that every advisor should keep in mind.