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When your financial advisor does their best work, your money could grow up to 3% more each year. The chart assumes hypothetical growth of $100,000 over 30 years with annualized returns of 5%, representing a portfolio without an advisor, and 8%, representing a portfolio with an advisor.Source: Vanguard, Putting a value on your value, February 2019.

What does 3% look like over time?


No advisor


With advisor

Year 1
Growth of $100,000
Year 30

This is why Altruist is only available through Registered Investment Advisors.

A licensed professional can help you
with things like staying disciplined,
spending strategy, managing taxes,
and sticking to a plan.

But not all advice
is good.

Bad advice

Many advisors are employees of companies and are limited by their products and methods.


Altruist is only available to independent advisors who work exclusively for their clients so there’s no conflict of interest.

Bad advice

The tools available are expensive and outdated, which forces even the good advisors to pass those costs on to you.


Advisors gain access to cutting-edge software at industry-low (or no) cost so your money can grow freely.

Bad advice

Lots of advisors mean well, but are overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to take care of clients.


Our software makes advisors more efficient by automating research, identifying problem areas, and streamlining operations.

Altruist makes it easy for financial advisors
who care about their clients to deliver the
best experience possible.

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We built AI to look
out for you.

Our software flags behavior that is
not in line with best practices so
you can feel confident your money
is in good hands.

Your super(human) financial advisor.

Altruist’s AI also helps your advisor identify ways for you to get a higher return while paying less in taxes and fees.

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You get the benefit of a personal
advisor paired with the best parts
of smart technology.

What financial advice should be.

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