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Check out this 60 second video to see how Altruist can make life better for clients and advisors.

Check out this 60 second video to see how Altruist can make life better for clients and advisors.

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“Choosing Altruist to help me serve the sort of people I've known my whole life in rural Kansas was a no-brainer.”
Bonnie Maize, Maize Financial
“Hands down the most listening, actively engaged, caring company I’ve ever experienced. I’ve yet to have an engagement with anyone there that was less than stellar.”
Jeremy Walter, Calibrating Capital
“My business is currently in a good place with Altruist, managing assets has never taken less of my time, I’ve got nothing but great things to say.” 
Ian Bloom, Open World Financial Life Planning
“Man this Altruist and Wealthbox integration is *chefs kiss.* Opened 5 new accounts for new clients with all the information in less than 15 minutes.” 
Anna N'jie-Konte, Dare to Dream Planning
“I opened an IRA with a client on the phone with under 5 minutes including Beneficiaries and Trusted Contacts.”
Curtis Bailey, Quiet Wealth
“I actually know the Altruist customer service people by name, and they know me. They ask me about my family. Their personal service would be hard to beat."
Justin Castelli, RLS Wealth
“You really can open up an Altruist account in a matter of seconds, and then you can connect a client's bank account in seconds.”
Matthew Fox, Ithica Wealth Management
“Works like a champ - Just opened up three accounts in less than a minute.”
David Hicks, Oakmont Advisory
“It’s been awesome partnering with Altruist!... What I’m loving about Altruist: An advisor is an advisor no matter how small. Transparent feature requests & roadmap. They actually listen.”
Donovan Brooks, Prospurpose Wealth
“I will work with clients investing $100 a month because I’m so passionate about making sure everyone has access to personalized advice. That’s only possible because of tech like Altruist.”
Kevin Lum, Foundry Financial
“I've said this once and I'll say it again. Altruist has the best customer support I've ever experienced as a financial advisor. This company is gonna disrupt the industry.”
Max Pashman, Pashman Financial
“What I like best about Altruist is the fantastic customer support! They also provide me with free* performance reporting, fee billing, and a robust client portal.”
Trent G., Resilient Financial Planning
“I was nervous when I started my own firm that I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the paperwork and processes. Altruist makes onboarding clients and opening accounts super easy.”
James Vermillion, Vermillion Private Wealth
“Digital ACATS, digital account opening, simple bank connection, smartphone app make the platform a breeze to use for end clients.”
Matthew Fox, Ithaca Wealth Management
“Just returned from an incredible couple of days with my peers at the Altruist Academy What. An. Experience. If you get the chance to, don't walk. Special thanks to the team for a life changing opportunity.”
Ryan Kilkenny, Atomic Planning
“I was able to import my clients’ Altruist data into RightCapital…flawlessly.”
Brian D’Aprile, WealthStrategies Financial Advisors, LLC
“We signed up with Altruist, we got approved, like we left on like a Tuesday morning, we left our previous firm — resigned — and I think we opened our first account at Altruist on Thursday that week. So it was extremely quick the turnaround time.
Jason Newcomer, Dogwood Wealth Management
“First of all, I absolutely loved the welcome gift you sent me. What a nice surprise! I like how simple and streamlined everything is, and I just took a client through the account opening process and it was so easy and straightforward. It's nice to be using a system that was actually designed for the 21st century.”
Mason Stafford, Stafford Planning
“Service levels are excellent, the platform is so well-designed that I probably have fewer service requests, and it's nice to see what additional features are coming down the pike as the capabilities keep expanding.”
Dennis Delphenich, Capitol Port Advisors
Altruist has been a life saver. The user experience is exactly what I wanted for serving my clients. The customer support is phenomenal. The platform saves me so much time as an advisor.”
Maddox Southard, Gray Bridge Capital
“It was very easy to get setup and open accounts and the team has been very helpful in answering any questions and setting expectations. Very Happy!”
Chris Hardy, Paramount Investment Advisors
“Altruist makes it so easy to get up and running by providing a great platform and excellent customer service.”
Jody Holt, HWM
“Intuitive platform makes it easy to conduct business and creates a positive client experience. Swift advisor service that feels supportive of new and growing firms.
Kevin Boyd, KMB Wealth
“Fantastic platform. Intuitive, simple, efficient. Support team has been a pleasure to work with.”
Spencer Rose, Christensen Group
“Love the speed at which you can open accounts and the user interface is fantastic!
Ben Reynoso, FCG Wealth
“My experience with the support team has been wonderful! Quick, thoughtful, professional help every time.”
J. Brian Morgan, Taleos Financial
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This testimonial was given by a current client. Neither Altruist nor its affiliates paid for this testimonial, but we do earn revenue from advisors and on assets in accounts. As of the date of this testimonial, the promoting advisor (B.Maize, C.Bailey, D.Brooks, J. Walter, J. Castelli, K. Lum, I. Bloom, M. Fox, A. N'jie-Konte, D. Hicks, M. Pashman and D. Windle) received compensation or other benefits from Altruist through their participation in one or more of Altruist’s programs, which created a conflict of interest on the promoters part and may have influenced the view(s) expressed. For details on compensation, benefits, and conflicts of interest, see For more about the promoter’s conflicts of interest, see their advisory program brochures, available at This testimonial may not represent the experience of others and it is not a guarantee of results.

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