Altruist Cash Management Disclosure Statement

The Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”) for the Altruist Cash accounts (“Altruist Cash”) is as of a specific date, and may change at any time. The amount of interest you will receive on your deposits will vary based on a number of factors, including the aggregate amount of deposits by all participants in the interest bearing accounts, the interest rates paid by the participating banks, and the fees paid to administer the sweep program. Interest is accrued daily from the day cash is received by the program banks up to, but not including, the date of withdrawal. Interest is paid on the last business day of the month directly into the Altruist Cash account.  

Altruist Cash is offered through a separate account at Altruist Financial LLC (“Altruist Financial”) that is opened solely for participation in Altruist Cash. Neither Altruist Financial nor any of its affiliates are banks. Altruist Financial deposits cash in the Altruist Cash account  with one or more banks (“Program Banks” see the Altruist Financial LLC Participating Bank List on for list) that accept and maintain such deposits. Through Altruist Cash, clients’ cash is deposited into Program Banks where the cash earns a variable interest rate and is eligible for FDIC insurance. Cash is not eligible for FDIC insurance until the cash is deposited at the Program Banks. Cash in the Altruist Cash account that is awaiting to be deposited in, and cash in transit to or from, Program Banks, may not be eligible for coverage under SIPC. SIPC coverage does not apply to cash deposited with Program Banks. FDIC insurance is limited to $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category and is subject to conditions. Altruist Financial uses more than one Program Bank to allow for FDIC coverage of up to $1 million for an individual account and/or up to $2 million for joint accounts. If a client reaches the maximum coverage amount(s), any additional cash will be deposited into a predetermined excess bank account, subject to available capacity at the excess bank. More information can be found in the Altruist Cash Program Disclosure Statement and the Altruist Financial LLC Participating Bank List, both available on FDIC coverage can be impacted by several things, including but not limited to deposit capacity at a Program Bank and/or if a client holds cash at a Program Bank, including through this or additional sweep programs. If a client elects to exclude one or more Program Banks from receiving deposits the amount of FDIC insurance available through Altruist Cash may be lower. Clients are responsible for monitoring their total assets at each of the Program Banks, whether through Altruist Financial accounts or accounts with other financial intermediaries, to determine the extent of available FDIC insurance coverage in accordance with FDIC rules. For more information on FDIC insurance coverage, please visit  


Deposits to Altruist Cash made prior to 1:00PM ET on weekdays, excluding certain holidays, will be deposited to Program Banks same day. Any deposits made after the cutoff time on weekdays, or on weekends or holidays, will deposit to Program Banks on the following business day. It may take funds deposited via ACH or Check three (3) or more business days for the funds to become available for deposit. Customers can initiate withdrawals at any time from the Altruist Cash account via ACH, wire, check, or internal transfer. Withdrawals will be processed same day if submitted prior to cutoff times (Wires: 2:30PM ET, Check: 12:30PM ET, ACH: 2:30PM ET) on weekdays, excluding certain holidays. Withdrawals submitted after cutoff times or on weekends or holidays will process the following business day. Internal transfers from the Altruist Cash account to an Altruist brokerage account will be processed on the next business day, however funds will be available for trading on the same day. Contact Altruist Support for additional information regarding deposits and withdrawals.  


Securities trading is not possible in the Altruist Cash account. Clients can transfer cash from the Altruist Cash account to another Altruist brokerage account to participate in securities trading. If a client wishes to no longer participate in the Altruist Cash program, the client should withdraw all cash from Altruist Cash via ACH, Wire, Check, or Internal Transfer. 

Potential and existing clients should carefully review the Altruist Financial LLC Customer Agreement, as well as the Altruist Cash Program Disclosure Statement, Altruist Financial LLC Participating Bank List, Altruist Financial LLC Fee Schedule and other information provided on to determine whether Altruist Cash is an appropriate product for their specific financial needs. Retail clients must work with a Registered Investment Advisor to open an Altruist Cash account. There are fees associated with Altruist Cash. Review the Altruist Financial LLC Fee Schedule for more details, the most recent version of which can be found on