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What is Altruist?

Altruist is the first fully-digital brokerage platform built exclusively for independent financial advisors. Our platform marries both custodial functions and portfolio accounting features into one beautiful experience for you and your clients.

With a single login, you can open financial accounts, fund them, trade fractional shares commission-free, build custom models and portfolios with automated rebalancing—and at the same time use our performance reporting, fee billing, and client portal and mobile app to manage your business more efficiently.

Altruist gives you back hours of your week by cutting down the need to bounce between disconnected, clunky pieces of software; allowing you to help more people, better.


What is Altruist’s mission?

To make financial advice better and more accessible for everyone.


Why should I choose Altruist?

Altruist was founded by a financial advisor and built exclusively for financial advisors. We will never compete for your client’s money or attention and you will always be the hero when you use our platform. Our software was designed and developed by some of the top talents in the country and by using modern engineering principles with highly automated solutions, we are able to achieve more with less.

Your experience will be on par with the best consumer applications you use and love every day.

We’ve also assembled a world-class Customer Success team that will make sure you get what you need when you need it.


What’s Altruist’s revenue model?

We will always be transparent about how we make money. Much like a traditional custodian, we will make money on things like cash balances, margin lending, and securities lending—but thanks to the wonders of modern engineering and automation, we’re able to keep a fraction as much as the other guys (passing those savings on to you and your clients). Learn more about how custodians make money, here.

By eliminating paperwork and reducing the massive headcount needed to support a large operation like a custodian, we further lower our costs and put money back into the hands of the investor. Altruist also offers a series of highly efficient, paid portfolios.

Lastly, we charge $1 per account per month, with the first 100 accounts being free.


Are you a TAMP?

No. Altruist is a brokerage platform that allows you to open financial accounts and invest, with Portfolio Accounting software seamlessly integrated. You can also connect your outside custodian to use our performance reporting, fee billing, and client portal.


Will you ever build a direct to consumer solution (eliminate RIAs)?

No. We will never compete with your business. We’re focused exclusively on helping you succeed.