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Lower costs and increase productivity with the only fully-integrated, digital platform for financial advisors.

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You and your clients deserve more.

Altruist is building the first ever
commission free, fully-integrated, digital brokerage platform for fiduciary financial advisors. It’s a big undertaking, and to succeed, a lot needs to be done.

We’re opening our doors early to a select group of financial advisors who will
help shape a revolutionary new platform.

Altruist’s full product offering, including commission-free trading, will be available soon.

The first step to making a huge industry change like this is to design and engineer great software that helps advisors grow and manage their businesses better.


Beauty and brains.

Altruist Beta 1.0 includes a beautifully-simple,
yet powerful advisor portal.

1. Consolidate

Easily integrate
with your existing

2. Get Paid

Offer simple, flexible,
and optimized fee

3. Automate Work

identify ways to
help clients

Available in 1.2

4. Gain Visibility

Aggregate held away
accounts for free

Available in 1.2

5. Provide Value

Accurately report
client performance

6. Work Faster

Track key business
metrics with ease

Are you a good fit
for our beta?

  1. You must be a Registered Investment Advisor who manages at least 50 accounts with a leading custodian.
  2. Open to giving regular feedback on your experience with our software.

What’s in it for you?

Your support and feedback will be monumental in helping us build a platform that will make a serious impact on a flawed industry.

Private beta participants can use Altruist free of charge.

When we transition from private beta to public beta, the first 100 client accounts
will be free and each account thereafter
will cost $1/month.

As a thank-you for your help, you can use Altruist for free until 2020 should you decide to keep using the platform post-beta.

This is a lifetime discount. When our
full-release is available, you will be grandfathered in at this price.


Sorry, we’re at capacity, but apply and
join our waitlist. We’ll onboard you as
soon as possible.

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